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  NAGYS AUDIO is a family owned and operated business. 
  Our goal is to provide the very best in cable and electronic 
  technology for the most demanding of audiophiles around 
  the world. 
  Our prestigious and diverse clientele range from musicians 
  in Vienna  to violin players in the Chicago's Symphony 
  Orchestra and sound engineers in Hollywood. 
  We at NAGYS AUDIO constantly strive for perfection and 
  truth, to bring you absolute state of the art audio cables 
  and luxury electronics. We use the finest components 
  available in the world, some of which are made in multi-
  million dollar facilities who regularly supply to the aerospace 
  (NASA, RASA, ESA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc.) and 
  defense industries.
  Our small team of experts come from different backgrounds 
  and regions who seamlessly blend sound engineering 
  principles and art. Our accomplishments include:

  - Associate Proffesor, Ph.D. in electrical engineering
  - Developing new electronic measurement devices for 
    electronic and military industry (precision high accuracy 
    devices for measuring nanosecond impulse parameters, 
    processing of measured data, automated test systems for 
    testing of static and dynamic parameters of bipolar high 
    frequency transistors, tunnel-diodes, thyristors, etc.)
  - Engineering state of the art components for military fighter 
    jets, submarines, locators, radars, ICBMs, rockets, 
    spacecraft vehicles, etc.
  - Acoustical engineering
  - Mechanical engineering
  - Micro RF cable design
  - High slew rate solid state amplifier design (>3MHz)
  - High efficiency (>95dB) loudspeaker design
  - Complex Cauer/elliptical crossover design capable of 
    >120dB slopes
  - Musical background in piano, guitar, percussion, and drums
  - Worldwide studio mixing and recording
  - Worldwide concert venue engineering (live mixing)

  With zero time and phase distortion, NAGYS AUDIO cables will 
  shock audiophiles with unmatched transparency and dynamic 
  range. From the first strike of a piano key to the wondrous 
  lossless track of Avatar, we hope to share our mutual passion 
  for sound reproduction with you.


  Norbert Nagys
  Pranas Nagys
  Arnold Nagys
  Serge Maryan

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